Building The Armchair

It started months ago with mucking around on the digital camera, talking about cricket. From there, an upload to YouTube and hello, what’s this – hello iMovie!

Sometimes ideas evolve, and as I sit back now a few weeks after the launch over Easter of our sports-based fan-written website The Armchair Selector, it’s timely I stop and reflect on what can be achieved with an idea, open communication and a clear direction.

Along the way I’ve reconnected with some skills I’ve missed using as much as I’d like – leading a team, conceptualising and then implementing a project, and seeking, always seeking, to improve.

Ideas where you wake up and go ‘ahhh – I could do that!’ are fantastic – they are like bolts of welcoming lightning where you realise with alacrity that an idea isn’t just a pipe dream, if you can see how it’ll work clearly and can communicate it, you’re well on your way.

Thankfully I have some trusted and honest people I trust who offer insights, counsel and work together to embed good practice, be it SEO or content. Myles and Kate are the ladder on which we all stand, and provide fearless and frank advice on where the ladder should be placed. Along the way I’ve engaged a superb blog designer who has instinctively understood my dream and committed to it. Thanks Mike – and here’s to doing more business with you.

A site is nothing without content, and we’ve been fortunate to have some great people come on board and join the writing team. They add immeasurably to my staples of cricket, rugby and ice hockey – and already I’m learning much. Then again, the site is for people who like to read good articles from people who call it as they see it. Citizen journalism? Maybe. Intelligent and insightful conversationalist definitely.

‘Armchair’ is new, but there’s something really special seeing an idea come to fruition and then recognising that we can build it. We can build and improve, and learn and grow. It’s a great challenge and tremendously exciting. I love it.

Photo courtesy of Mel Evans Photography

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