How being bold can help you be a better leader

Boldness. It’s a trait my toddler son exhibits every day. I watch him growing in confidence as his world becomes more and more of an adventure, and it’s struck me that he takes risks, he assesses those risks – and then he (literally) jumps in puddles. He laughs and he has fun.

We can learn much from watching and observing those around us, seeing the world through their eyes.

The best leaders I’ve worked with and for are those who are bold – not arrogant, but bold. They back themselves, they take advice, they sense what’s going on around them and then they go and lead.

How are good leaders bold?

Good leaders assess risks; they work out what could happen if they make a certain decision, and then they consider the implications of those decisions. If it sounds simple, in theory, we all know – really – that it’s not.

What sets good leaders and those who pretend to be leaders apart is that people can see the difference. Good leaders don’t necessarily need a title or a nameplate on a door to prove their worth – they’re too busy doing the leading.

Good leaders know when it’s time to boldy jump into puddles, and when they’d land on otherwise hard concrete. They literally pick their puddles and they make a choice. Too often we see a decision being not to make a decision, which is as effective as shovelling treacle. Not making a decision is not a decision – it’s a cop out. The puddle still remains, no hard how they might try to wish it away.

In summary

Good leaders think. They make decisions. They go for it. They back themselves.

Along the way they may get a bit of splash-back, but if leadership is nothing else, it’s about being selflessly prepared to cop whatever comes your way, think, take the moment on – and jump.


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