About Me

The kid here isn’t my awesome son, Master G, with the tongue poking out and always busy – though it could be Master G…!

Like father, like son?! We’ll see! It’s a privilege being his Dad.

Having blogged and podcasted and YouTubed regularly pre my son ‘running on to the field’ (now eight-year-old ‘Master G’), life has certainly changed…! 

It seems like yesterday that I was a political adviser, although that was over fifteen years ago (…!); or when I stood on Wellington’s waterfront and decided to move there – yet that was a heading to two decades’ ago, too. Two presidents have been sworn in since President Barack Obama and his Inauguration, and I stood in DC’s National Mall and shivered and loved it, history being made, with people from Illinois surrounding me, cheering for him, for them, and for the future. Days before I had walked the Civil War battlefields of Antietam and Gettysburg, and immersed myself in the incredible silence that enveloped the battlefields.

A recent book I read by the late Professor Jack Falla, an ice hockey fan and journalist, rekindled a desire to experience, and to reflect.

Words are precious. Books by Gideon Haigh and Tom Lewis, David Day and Peter Lalor fill my bookshelves on and offline. I love words and I love writing that is effortless and paints and is free of itself.

Master G already has books signed by Gideon and Gerard Whateley and Peter Lalor, and a signed personal letter from Tony Dodemaide – not bad for a young child who is but in is early years of schooling. And how grateful to those gents am I.

I write on leadership, on social history and history, on sport, on social media and media, on issues management and on books and TV programmes and podcasts that I review.

Education and Professional Memberships

Statements on this blog and on the Dear 21 Year Old Me podcast reflect my personal opinions only and do not represent the views or policies of my employer/s, past or present, or any other organisation with which I am, or may be affiliated.