Dear 21 Year Old Me


The show takes a great guest with a fascinating story and ‘goes back in time’ to recall and reflect on their 21st birthday – the fun, the (perhaps embarrassing) speeches, and what the world was like when they were 21. We then reflect on what they thought being 21 would be like, and what they’d say to their 21-year old self now.

Through Dear 21 Year Old Me, I am proud to support Feel the Magic®, an Australian not for profit organisation whose purpose is to create a world where children who are experiencing grief are supported to reach their full potential. 1 in every 20 children aged 7-17 will experience the death of a parent – and my son is now at the age my youngest brother was when our mother died unexpectedly in 1988. You can find out more about the great work James, Kristy and their team do – as well as how you can support children and families at