Leadership: Up to your shoe laces

Recently I came across this piece from @michelhogan on Smart Company about the importance of shoe laces.


You should read it, as I reckon it’s a great read. It reminded me of an experience I had a few years back as a lobbyist, when I was nervously awaiting my turn to speak to a school hall of teenage boys about leadership.

Often I find Twitter is overloaded with self-help stuff. Countless ’10 ways to teach your Nan/CEO/pet to tweet’. Some of it is very good; some of it, well, not so.

So it’s a delight when I read Michel’s piece because it really sums up much about good leadership.


It was a good, well-told story.

It created an easily-understood word picture.

And it was quirky. There is a simplicity in its telling which wasn’t twee.

I bookmarked it immediately.

Now, all the self-help guff out there would tell me that I should include in my blog post a call to action (!) – so I shall…..

Firstly, read it.

That’s it. Just read it. And if, like me, you liked, well, it’s pretty simple: Live it.

Nice work, Michel. Thanks for reminding this person who sometimes feels overloaded with every tweet that maybe I’m missing out on something, that sometimes it’s good to just look around and see what lessons life can offer, especially those right under your nose.


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