Jeremy Irvine

Industry association CEO. Board director.

Dear 21 Year Old Me

A podcast exploring life lessons from leaders

Each episode’s guest is a leader with their own fascinating story. We ‘go back in time’ to recall and reflect on their 21st birthday – the fun, the (perhaps embarrassing) speeches, and what the world was like when they were 21. We ask what they thought being 21 would be like, and what lessons they’ve learned along the way.


I write on leadership, on social history and history, on sport, media, on issues management and on books and TV programmes, and podcasts that I review.


Professional & personal engagements including interviews, speaking engagements, guest columnist, and contestant.

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A lesson in simple humanity I can recall that CD from literally the end of last century, as I played it, and from there discovered more composers, more music,

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Q&A: Dear 21 Year Old Me

What’s the podcast about? Anchored by their 21st birthday and reflecting on their aspirations, our guest discusses how their perspectives on life and leadership have

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