Why not writing was alright

It’s like an old friend, this blog. A very patient old friend!

A snapshot of my years in the recent and now, not-so-recent past, the blog has served me well. Coming back to it was like reading old newspaper articles of years ago, and understanding the context.

As a CEO, I write often – and I, and my team produce a great amount of written work. Perhaps, with life’s changes, writing became a ‘meh’ – in the same way, that I was once prolific on Twitter, in the past years, I’ve become less and less active while still reading and saving links and pieces.

With the change in life came for me a change in need; a less public need most definitely to share, and LinkedIn providing the vehicle for any outlet I needed.

When writing became meh

For a time, I felt awkward about not writing – like I was walking away from something I once did as a hobby, but then, as time and seasons and life changed, did not need, nor, even necessarily want.

Guilt? A feeling like I had abandoned something which for so long, had given me so much. Perhaps. But left it, I did.

Perhaps the need for writing was overtaken with the desire to reflect more internally and make my way through life as best as I could.

So in coming back, perhaps I’ll write more. More often, more openly. More – whatever that is, as I decide, and as my needs take me.

But as I stop and look back, the pieces return with a smile, a metaphoric hug, and I marvel at the age we are in when we can open a computer and share. Mind you, there is sharing and then there is over-sharing, and my propensity in these past years has been of the less is more variety!

Life moves on. Master G is now six. Yesterday he was a baby. Tomorrow he’ll want the keys or whatever the thing to start the car will be….!

And all the while, we go on. We learn. We get by. We live.

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