No mistakes, only biscuit nirvana awaiting

Ah, the days of doors that couldn’t be opened by an ever-curious toddler.

If this week’s been any indication, those days are numbered, as Master G manages to work out how to stand on the very…. top….. of…….. his…… tippy toes…………..and oh, the pantry door opens, wowee.

Chuckles ensue.

And hello biscuit shelf, I’m Master G. And I’m HERE!!!!!!!!

As we discovered Master G’s Indian Jones-esque exploring qualities, I also coincidentally came across this brilliant summary of Tina Fey on improvisation.


Master G, it seems, has heartily taken up the challenge of the fourth principle:

There are no mistakes, only opportunities.

Being a parent gives you a unique, ever-changing perspective on seeing the world anew, fresh each day, full of opportunity.

For Master G, that ‘opportunity’ has gone from learning how to crawl, to running, to constantly running. Constantly….!

He is literally learning improv as he goes; for him, culinary nirvana is but an open pantry door away.

Again this week, as I sat looking and thinking about some writing I needed to do, and wondering how to take a fresh approach to a series of speeches, Master G and Tina reminded me of the need sometimes to just try – and give things a go, challenge and push myself in my writing.

Writing, is after all, improv. You start with a blank page and just…….. type. And see. And sometimes, hope!

Whether or not Master G’s favourite song (The Wiggles’ Go Santa Go, with Master G having inserted ‘Master G’ in place of Santa…!) gets a run in my forthcoming speeches is another thing, but we’ll see!

“There are no mistakes, only opportunities.”

………And I can’t believe I’ve quoted The Wiggles!

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