Armchair cricket selectors – pick your Australian Test team 2014-15

In a Twitter conversation yesterday with @Matt_Cenin, I threw out my 2014-2015 Ashes Test team and he hand some good ideas in terms of people like Nic Maddinson and Mitch Starc as future Test players.

Given the interest in the Australian team for the future, I’d like to offer four people, fellow cricket pundits, the opportunity to guest post their views on who they think will be the eleven blokes taking the field for the start of the 2014-15 Australian summer.

My post back in October had this team:

  1. Hughes (NSW)
  2. Bailey (c) (Tas)
  3. Khawaja (NSW)
  4. Ferguson (SA)
  5. Marsh, M (WA)
  6. Smith (NSW)
  7. Paine (TAS)
  8. O’Keefe (NSW)
  9. McDermott (QLD)
  10. Hazelwood (NSW)
  11. Pattinson, J (VIC)

So, first four armchair selectors to be in touch – either via this site or drop me a line on Twitter @Jeremy_Irvine we’ll have

  • Your current 2014-15 selections as of now – and why
  • In November (season 2011-12), when the summer starts, an update
  • In twelve months from that (season 2012-13), another update
  • Second-last one – season 2013-14
  • And the last one – couple of weeks out before 2014-15 your 11.

Names, reasons. Predictions. Crystal ball gaze folks.

We’ll keep them snappy, positive and honest.

We’ll get some blokes right, some blokes wrong.

Your 11 and include your captain.

Happy selecting!

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