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Reviewed – High Wire Act: Ted Rogers, by Caroline Van Hasselt

Where to start in reviewing this 520-page tome? WHAT a book. This book is not just a biography on Canadian media / technology owner and magnate, Ted Rogers, although that’s what I bought it for. It is much, much more than a biography, providing detailed insights into the personality and drive of Rogers, whose name

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A maker of men

The tributes to Australian rules coach Allan ‘Yabby’ Jeans this week have focused on his legacy not only as a coach but as an exceptional leader. I often blog about leadership and read widely about leadership best practice. Well, throw away your leadership books – and read, and watch, and then listen to these tributes

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It may be ‘Only Life’, but this show is a (great!) big deal

The Australasian premiere of New York-based writer and pianist’s John Bucchino’s show ‘It’s Only Life’ is very, very good. At the outset, let me say I’m a Bucchino fan. Ever since I heard David Campbell’s rendition of ‘Taking the Wheel’ I’ve been intrigued by this seemingly effortless mix of thoughtful commentary on life and ripping music. I’ve

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