Stuart Wenn – show notes

In this episode of Dear 21 Year Old Me, with guest Stuart Wenn.

  • We go back in time to 1990, when our guest, Stuart Wenn, turned 21, and look at what was happening in the world, and closer to home back then.
  • Stuart talks about his career on and off-field, and what it took to be at top of his ‘game’ – an Australian Football League field umpire – and how a chat with his school coach was a sliding door moment that set him on the path for umpiring.
  • The discipline, focus, and what a week was like for a professional umpire is covered; so too are Stuart’s reflections on what it was like to walk off the MCG that last time after his final of 332 senior games.
  • We ask Stuart what he’d say to his 21-year-old self, and what Stuart at 21 would say to Stuart now.


Suggested reading: Wenny – a story of commitment, Stephen McBurney, AFL Umpires Association, 2014

Mentioned in the show – Australia Games 1985 – including the dance routine.

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