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Twitter – ‘I have the conch’… ‘no I have the conch’.

Has Twitter become Lord the Flies (that’s flies – not fries)? That’s the question that came to my mind during the week watching for some reason, a certain cricketer sledge an opposing team. At least this time he wasn’t having to be beeped out. Having been on Twitter for a few years now, I think

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Ten things I’ve learned in a week of ‘working from home’

With recent changes to my career, two weeks ago I began the adventure of building my own public affairs consultancy and also developing rapidly The Armchair Selector. Since then, I’ve learned and reflected on a number of principles for working from home and how to maximise my productivity. Love to hear your experiences and thoughts

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‘D-Gen’-erating (happily) to my late teens: Podcast of the week

This week as I ploughed my way through Twitter one night, I came across a tweet by Simon Owens (@SimonOMelb) mentioning his new Melbourne Radio Podcast and decided to go and download some of his interviews. The first one I listened to was with George Donikian, which I enjoyed. Then Рah, a name from the

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