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Why Quinn’s Post matters

I wonder if it says more about me than many that I can better describe the key landmarks on the battlefields of Gettsyburg and Antietam than I can Gallipoli. It was with that realisation and the then soon-to-be-aired Gallipoli on Channel 9 that I read Prof Peter Stanley’s excellent book – Quinn’s Post, Anzac, Gallipoli. And

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Reviewed – High Wire Act: Ted Rogers, by Caroline Van Hasselt

Where to start in reviewing this 520-page tome? WHAT a book. This book is not just a biography on Canadian media / technology owner and magnate, Ted Rogers, although that’s what I bought it for. It is much, much more than a biography, providing detailed insights into the personality and drive of Rogers, whose name

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A letter to my trackie dacks

Dear my Canterbury trackie dacks I wanted to write to you and say goodbye and farewell. I know you’re just outside, not far away really, but we know, come Tuesday morning, you’ll have crossed into trackie dack immortality. I remember buying you that sunny day at Lake Taupo in New Zealand – it was 1999

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